Tennis for all

This summer we are planning tennis lessons for our kids, they are starting to play a sport that was everything to their mom and dad, because we met playing tennis almost 30 years ago, our lives have always evolved and tennis was the main sport that made us always feel better, now we want to pass on the love for this sport with a racket to our kids.

In the beginning, don’t avoid it and don’t over cut it. The “classic” is that most students hit the drive from the backhand. This is partly logical, as they feel more confident.
By the way, you see the pros doing it, even the likes of Roger Federer, z (who is right-handed) goes all the way to the left corner of the court, which creates a great physical demonstration.
But they are very good at two strokes (drive and backhand), based on a lot of practice, and can afford the “luxury” of choosing the most powerful and decisive stroke. On the other hand, if we develop our game, we need to practice a lot, because if we almost always hit the forehand (drive), we can be competitive against low level opponents, but against advanced players (who know how to find the backhand) we have problems; in general, most beginners and average players hit the backhand for every 10 drives (for every 1000 drives, 100 backhands). As for the backhand slice, it’s best to start doing it right after we’ve mastered the backhand topspin, because hitting the backhand slice is easier, it’s good for balls coming at us, and it requires virtually no grip changes to perform. Likewise, once we have gained confidence in our backhand with the overhand, we can learn to hit it correctly because it is a very useful shot.
Learning how to play tennis correctly is fundamental to continued progress in the sport, so I recommend that all parents start tennis lessons with their children as soon as they can hold a racket.

The lessons given by the teachers at helped us learn all the theory so that we could put it into practice on the tennis court.

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