The Tour is over

Now that the Tour is over, it’s time to take a look at what this year’s European cycling season has been like. Good excitement from the public, even if they weren’t on the road to support the cyclists. Once again, the Tour de France has made a difference.

It has now. Yes, you’ve got me figured out. Maybe now it will hold you back a little longer. You came at the worst possible time. Bad timing. Anyway, Fran Alarcon, as always. Before the program starts, we’ll remind listeners how they can support the back of the pack. Well, here we are getting to the last week of the Tour de France, enjoying cycling. Do you always want to support the back of the pack? Well give a piece I love this audio live that makes us very excited, comment Leave your impressions in the comment box Woods and Subscribe to our channel to not miss absolutely nothing get that notification to your phone every time Every day we download the program, especially now in the Tour de France. If you want to become a fan and support us a little financially
You can become an official fan in the live broadcast A monthly subscription starting from one point forty-nine euros a month In there is less per month, one with forty-nine you that is what cancels at any time and that gives access to additional content here in our channel figs and higher this month and you are a member of this fan program at the tail of the peloton and two you can participate in the raffle for the Marcos loop book recently presented thanks to the collaboration we have with the route books.

To participate, you must, of course, a la cola del pelotón in my voice, go to the community tab and follow the instructions. You have until the twenty-eighth of September in our social networks on Twitter We are there with hace de peloton in instagram hace de peloton and on Facebook at the tail of the peloton. You have the Estrada tenis group, the bazaar, where you can send us any audio you want so we can post it here. Six, seven, eighty-two, ten. Eighty-eight. You can visit our site at the back of the peloton if you are an article on cycling and want to talk to the rest of the listeners and to us at any time of the day. At the tail end of the peloton is the Tele Gran Familia group. You just have to look for it and be ready to chat with eight, one hundred, fifty-three people right now.

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