Vanquish VQ45 MK2 with Barracuda Ibiza

On this occasion, one of the best boat hire companies in Ibiza is offering us the Vanquish VG45 MK2, a big boat with a flatbed engine, with a great layout for a fun day out with friends and family.
This model was launched in mid-2017 under the BALR brand, which was founded by professional footballers Demi de Zeeuw, Eljero Elia and Gregory Van Der Wiel with the idea of reflecting a comfortable Mediterranean lifestyle.

The Vanquish VQ45 stands out with its unique classic modernist design, featuring black or white hulls and on-board engines. Add a powerful sound system, sibob and snorkelling equipment; for the most enjoyment in a well-placed space.
Room for the whole family
The layout of the Vanquish VG45 MK2 is actually one of the largest you’ll find at Barracuda Ibiza Charter. With a cabin that is 12.96m long and 3.71m wide, she can carry up to 11 people.
On the front deck we have a very spacious sundeck with furniture and a table to accommodate drinks, in the middle of the boat we find room for the helmsman. The steering has a single rudder, analogue joysticks and a route display, all lined with glass with a durable polymer coating.
The stern is equipped with deck furniture and a swim platform; already inside we have a single cabin with a lounge type layout, so there’s no option in case we want to stay overnight.

Finally, there will be a zero engine vessel, capable of top speeds of up to 40 knots; powered by twin 370hp Yanmar diesel inboard engines, the total consumption will be 80-120 litres per hour.
Rent your Vanquish in the style of the Barracuda Ibiza
If you decide to visit the Balearic Islands and charter a yacht in style, do so with Ibiza Charter Barracuda, take the Vanquish VQ 45 MK2 at these incredible prices:
Low season price €1,900.
Mid season price €2,400.
High season price €2,950.

These prices are per day charter and include 21% VAT, insurance, basic harbour mooring, welcome drinks, towel and sea dog to maximise the customer experience.
You can take these or other models with Ibiza Charter Barracuda; contact them via WhatsApp on (+34) 649 633 299 or email [email protected] You can also keep up to date by following them on their social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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